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Fauquier Gas Company free essay sample

For this situation study introduced by Hood (n. d. ), Fauquier Gas Company is facing a course of events to gracefully another development venture in progress where rural land was being formed into private and business use. Fauquier Gas Company is searching for provider to help with working of 3 ? miles of new gas pipe that will go online by start of September. The supervisor of gracefully the board Mr. Murphy is experiencing difficulty getting any buying demand for the new pipeline from Mr. Charlie Buck and the determinations from the plan group to realize what he needs to arrange. This undertaking is to be finished in the following five months to meet the new gas venture. The VP of tasks for Fauquier Gas Company has the administration power over the gracefully association including Mr. Murphy, development venture administrator Clive Byers, structure engineer Pat Wilson, and plan Superintendent Charlie Buck. Mr. Murphy confronted numerous strategic and gracefully issues from the earliest starting point of this undertaking. We will compose a custom exposition test on Fauquier Gas Company or then again any comparative subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Lead-time is basic for configuration group getting all the data on the new funnel to the Mr. Murphy so he can get the much need determination out to the need merchants to flexibly the right materials for the up and coming undertaking that need to wrap up by September. The most serious issue that Mr. Murphy went over was the new particulars for the new channel were the divider thickness and length was not the same as past buys which could hurt in finding new seller or checking whether more established merchant can meet details on the new funnel. Pat Wilson educated Mr. Murphy the explanation behind the various determinations was the activity of the line would be represented by less rigid details and utilizing 57-foot-length pipe versus â€Å"random twofold normal† (40 feet give or take 5 feet) would decrease welding costs. The covering for the channel was likewise another issue that Mr. Murphy looked as no of group was speaking with one another on the most proficient method to get the venture and plan in on an ideal opportunity to help the flexibly supervisor with his activity. II. Serious Problems: The cross-utilitarian group neglected to defeat hierarchical obstruction in light of the fact that not every single useful region were included in advance, and this decreases authoritative protection from choices that will influence explicit useful regions. (Burt, p. 40) III. Potential Solutions: a. The cross practical group ought to incorporate Pat Wilson, Charlie Buck , Sam Law, Bill Murphy, and Clive Byers as they have to plunk down with one another to get all the required details and structures set up before beginning this undertaking. The upsides of having plunk down with one another than sending messages back forward on new changes to funnel and covering could help with the much need lead time to fix or discover a merchant to meet the new details. The messages going to and fro between Mr. Murphy and Mr. Wilson, which might prompt a deferral in finishing the venture. The group can structure an arrangement of approach once the assessed time for conveyance of the funnels to meet the necessities of 45-day venture. b. Mr. Murphy might have an excessive number of extra capacities that he proceeds as the flexibly director for Fauquier Gas Company which could harming him put his full exertion into the cross useful group. The VP of activities may need to support Mr. Murphy during this time so he can get all the important material for the forthcoming venture. The VP of tasks should concentrate on limiting job strife among utilitarian and group assignments. Pat Wilson, Charlie Buck, Sam Law, Bill Murphy, and Clive Byers chipping away at cross-practical group ought to be there principle need until this task is finished because of course of events and lead times required for materials. c. Fauquier Gas Company has a cross-utilitarian group has acted more as people than as a group. Mr. Murphy, Mr. Byers, Mr. Buck, and Mr. Wilson didn't comprehend the cross-useful group approach which thusly his stinging the group. The group of gracefully the board, building, and configuration changes that should be fixed with enough lead-time to suit the particulars so the new funnel can be purchased. The benefit of applying improved issue goals is the answer for various issues are not heavily influenced by the seller yet the one mentioning the materials for the undertaking. IV. Decision and Rationale: My decision would be A. above. The explanation behind picking A will be a cross practical group is most ideal approach to fix all issues while everybody is sitting at the table to examine new changes in the task. Pat Wilson, Charlie Buck, Sam Law, Bill Murphy, and Clive Byers taking a shot at cross-utilitarian group could of forestalled the gracefully troughs issues from happening with simply straightforward correspondence with the adjustments in pipe details, covering, provider, cost, and courses of events could hurt in finding the new material required for the task. The group would of cut out the to and fro messages on the venture due them plunking down and talking. Burt Pinkerton (2010) recognized â€Å"a great general guideline is 10 hours of groundwork for each hour of up close and personal discussions† (372). This would guaranteed that the work to be finished by Fauquier Gas Company would have been finished on schedule.

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The Most Significant Aspect of Roosevelt’s Presidency and New Deal up t

The Most Significant Aspect of Roosevelt’s Presidency and New Deal up to 1941 In this exposition I will survey which was the most critical part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Presidency, by taking a gander at four unique parts of it, and afterward applying tests to every angle. I will be investigating Roosevelt’s Economic Policies, Financial Ideas, Role of the Presidency and the Electoral presentation of the Democratic party †and afterward, applying the accompanying tests to them: Firstly, the ‘Amount of change,’ then the ‘Immediate effects,’ at that point the ‘Long expression effects,’ lastly the ‘Effect of one viewpoint on another.’ Roosevelt’s financial thoughts were unmistakably unique to those of the Republicans and furthermore the Electoral Position of the Democratic Party likewise changed a great deal from the 1920’s. Anyway it was the adjustments to the job of the President and Roosevelt’s new monetary arrangements that delivered the greatest changes from the Republicans administration in the 20s. Before Roosevelt became President, the principles of the constitution were followed carefully: The Legislature job (congress) was to make the laws, the Executive’s (the president) was to do those laws what's more, the Judiciary (Supreme Court Judges) to pass judgment on the laws. Each having their own position and shortcomings to shape a ‘balance’, guaranteeing that force and control was part similarly between the three branches. At the point when Roosevelt became President in 1933, he rolled out three significant improvements to the job of the Presidency. Right off the bat, he changed the connection between the Presidency and congress. While it was as yet the duty of the Congress to make laws, Roosevel... ... I found that just actually the Job of the Presidency had a significant long haul impact after Roosevelt, there are parts of Roosevelt’s administration that are still generally obvious in the United States of America today †on the grounds that the USA has such a polar economy, there is a major gap between the rich and poor, what's more, in spite of the fact that there are still a ton of needy individuals in America, who get constrained guide, there is a bigger larger part that are very affluent and the USA is the most extravagant nation on the planet today. Also, Roosevelt has some part to play in this; on account of everything he did (long and present moment) he figured out how to prevail in generally relieving the downturn and getting America in a good place again. Without this, we don’t know where America would be today thus this is the thing that I accept to be the most ideal method of estimating noteworthiness. The Most Significant Aspect of Roosevelt’s Presidency and New Deal up t The Most Significant Aspect of Roosevelt’s Presidency and New Deal up to 1941 In this paper I will evaluate which was the most noteworthy part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Presidency, by taking a gander at four distinct parts of it, and afterward applying tests to every viewpoint. I will be investigating Roosevelt’s Economic Policies, Monetary Ideas, Role of the Presidency and the Electoral exhibition of the Democratic party †and afterward, applying the accompanying tests to them: Firstly, the ‘Amount of change,’ then the ‘Immediate effects,’ at that point the ‘Long expression effects,’ lastly the ‘Effect of one angle on another.’ Roosevelt’s financial thoughts were plainly unique to those of the Republicans and furthermore the Electoral Position of the Democratic Party likewise changed a great deal from the 1920’s. Anyway it was the changes to the job of the President and Roosevelt’s new monetary strategies that delivered the greatest changes from the Republicans administration in the 20s. Before Roosevelt became President, the standards of the constitution were followed carefully: The Legislature job (congress) was to make the laws, the Executive’s (the president) was to do those laws furthermore, the Judiciary (Supreme Court Judges) to pass judgment on the laws. Each having their own position and shortcomings to frame a ‘balance’, guaranteeing that force and control was part similarly between the three branches. At the point when Roosevelt became President in 1933, he rolled out three significant improvements to the job of the Presidency. Right off the bat, he changed the connection between the Presidency and congress. While it was as yet the obligation of the Congress to make laws, Roosevel... ... I found that just actually the Job of the Presidency had a significant long haul impact after Roosevelt, there are parts of Roosevelt’s administration that are still to a great extent clear in the United States of America today †on the grounds that the USA has such a polar economy, there is a major gap between the rich and poor, what's more, in spite of the fact that there are still a great deal of destitute individuals in America, who get constrained guide, there is a bigger dominant part that are amazingly well off and the USA is the most extravagant nation on the planet today. What's more, Roosevelt has some part to play in this; as a result of everything he did (long and present moment) he figured out how to prevail in to a great extent relieving the downturn and getting America in a good place again. Without this, we don’t know where America would be today thus this is the thing that I accept to be the most ideal method of estimating essentialness.

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How to Get More Women to Start a Company

How to Get More Women to Start a Company Women are now playing bigger roles in small businesses in the United States. According to data from the National Association of Women Business Owners, in 2014, there were about 9 million companies run by women in the U.S. Those businesses employed nearly 8 million workers and recorded nearly $1.4 trillion in sales that year. © | ImageFlowDespite those numbers, there is much more to be done to increase this number even further. In this article we will look at 1) why women hold back from starting businesses, 2) how to encourage women to start a company, 3) business ideas for women, and 4) successful women-run businesses.WHY WOMEN HOLD BACK FROM STARTING BUSINESSESBefore discussing how to get more women to venture out into the world of entrepreneurship, it is important to understand some reasons that may be holding these women back in the first place. An understanding of these issues can help formulate a starting point for creating an enabling environment for women who want to strike out on their own.Myths about Women EntrepreneursThere are many myths about why women should not start a company that in general are not true.Myth 1: It Is Impossible for Women to Succeed as EntrepreneursThere is an assumption that a woman-owned business will be a small one, both in terms of revenue and in the size of the operation. The second assumption is that the business will center on craft work or other similar female- or child-centered products. A third assumption she faces is that her husband must be her partner or she could only be an entrepreneur because she is married to one. All these are false, as there are many women running a company with millions in revenue on her own while their husbands have their own business.Myth 2: Women Are Less Entrepreneurial Than MenSome female entrepreneurs say this is true only because women have fewer role models and can most often not see themselves as an entrepreneur. Many women want to become entrepreneurs but eventually turn back to their other jobs.Myth 3: Women Are Less Successful as Entrepreneurs Than in Corporate JobsAccording to Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg’s famous book Lean In  women who “lean in” can be successful to a point when working in the corporate world. She then cites her own example of wanting more for herself. And when women want more than their job, they can forge their own path and play on their own field as entrepreneurs.Myth 4: A Small Business Consumes More Time Than a Corporate JobA long-standing assumption is that running one’s own business means having to work extremely long hours. This added pressure is at odds with the traditional role women are expected to play in running the house and raising kids. Many women entrepreneurs disagree and make the case for the opportunity to achieve a better work-life balance since one does not have to adhere to the long hours mandated by corporate work. Instead, the entrepreneur has the freedom to manage her schedule better and align it with her other responsibilities to create a harmonious work day.Myth 5: A Woman Entrepreneur’s Children and Family Will Suffer When managed properly, the busy life of an entrepreneur can make one a more effective parent. Many female entrepreneurs admit that work is never out of your mind when the business is your own, but you are able to create a schedule where you can be there for your kids as well as for your business. In addition, some entrepreneurs believe that the time their kids spend at her workplace helps them to see an example work ethic and to believe in it.Issues to Consider before Starting a BusinessA new business is a daunting prospect. There are special issues to consider for women in particular, but if they are clear on what is important in both their personal and professional lives, than it is easier to begin and manage a new business. There are four key things women must do and consider before taking the plunge into their new venture.1) Define Success for YourselfIn today’s world of social media pervasiveness, there is the danger of falling into the comparison trap. Instead of getting jealous of or disheartened by others’ apparent success, you need to take the time to define what success looks like for yourself. For some it may mean the time and freedom to pick up y our kids from school, others may value being present for dinner and evening times, while still others may have business ideas that will need time and patience to grow to success. Whatever the case, the business should fit in with the vision you have for your life and not the other way around.2) Consider Family and KidsWomen are most often the primary caregiver for children as well as being responsible for the running of the household. Before stepping into the new business, it is worthwhile to consider the time commitment and uncertainty that is bound to follow, and what it will mean for your family. This is not meant as discouragement. In fact, much of the stress from being a working, entrepreneurial parent can be alleviated if there has been careful planning and adequate forethought into practical matters.3) Prepare Your Mind for BattleStarting a business is a tough time for anyone, be it man or woman. You will be challenged in ways you never foresaw and you will need to stretch yo urself further than you ever thought possible. In order to meet the challenges of the new business as well as balance your life and family, you need to take proper care of your mind, body and spirit. This is vital when you are to stand at the helm and take responsibility for the direction and success of your venture.4) Choose Your Team CarefullyIn order for the company to function well and for the entrepreneur to balance work and life, there needs to be a strong, competent and well-functioning team in place. It is a good idea to list the attributes that will be important in your chosen team. In addition, you need to be prepared to make tough decisions that people may or may not like. The line between being easy to work with and being able to set boundaries as the one in charge is a difficult one to walk. A good team should have a great attitude, a strong work ethic and a flexible approach to solving problems.HOW TO ENCOURAGE WOMEN TO START A COMPANYWith an understanding of issues an d hurdles that hold women back from starting their own businesses, there are some important ways that these women can be encouraged to step into this arena. These include providing information on the key basics of starting a new business, turning myths into strengths, and good mentoring programs.Key Steps in Starting a BusinessThe number of women starting and running their own businesses is steadily growing. Whether the business idea is home-based or run from a commercial office, a few key steps can help successfully get the business off the ground.Planning: The first step, before anything else, is to assess how feasible the business idea is. The way to do this is most often to write up a detailed and formal business plan. However, this can also be done informally by brainstorming on a piece of paper. The main questions to ask and answer include an assessment of the need and demand for the product/service to be sold, potential competition, potential target and niche markets as well as demographics.Permits and Licenses: Almost all businesses will require some sort of permit or license. Businesses such as a hair salon, a medical practice, architecture firm, etc. will also require an occupational license. The exact nature of these permits and licenses will depend on the type of business as well as the exact location, since different areas have different business requirements.Funding: One of the biggest concerns for a potential entrepreneur is funding and where to secure it from. Many countries have business loan programs for women to help start a business. Apart from specific women-centered loans, funding options include bank loans, savings, investors and borrowing from friends and family. The amount of funding required initially will depend on the nature of the product or service, as well as the scope of the operation.Policies: Whether the business is big or small, home-based or commercial or with other employees, there will need to be policies in place to ensur e that everything runs smoothly. These could include fees and payment policies for clients, product delivery times, return or exchange policies, or usage policies. The best interest of both clients and the business, along with safety and satisfaction, need to be kept in mind when developing these policies.Promotion: Once the business is set up and operational issues sorted, it will be time to bring in customers. This will require a detailed and pointed marketing and promotional plan for the business. This has become an easier task with the proliferation of social media. However, with increased and instant reach, it is also more complicated to find just the right medium of communication for your business and its target market. To meet suppliers, peers and potential retailers, networking and joining local business associations may be a good idea.Turning Supposed Weaknesses into StrengthDespite the increasing percentage of women as business owners, there are still substantial obstacles that these women have to face just because of being female. Some of these challenges and how to overcome them is discussed below.Women Entrepreneurs Want to Act Like MenWomen entrepreneurs and small business heads often find themselves outnumbered in industry events and meetings. To compensate for this intimidating scenario, these women often find safety in displaying stereotypical male executive behaviors. These include a competitive, aggressive and overly harsh attitude. One founder and CEO disagrees with this behavior, however. Hilary Genga of swimwear company Trunkettes, suggests that instead of this wrong approach, women should try a more natural approach.Be yourself, and have confidence in who you are,   Genga says. Dont try to be a man. You made it to where you are through hard work and perseverance, but most importantly, youre there. Dont conform yourself to a mans idea of what a leader should look like.Another CEO, Sharon Rowlands of ReachLocal, believes that the key to su ccess in any situation is confidence. In her early days of being appointed CEO, Rowlands felt that all her ideas were subject to more scrutiny than other male colleagues. But instead of letting this discourage her, she maintained her confidence in her abilities to run a business effectively.I just made sure that any initiative I was trying to move forward was backed up by a solid business case. I was never unprepared for the questions that I knew would come. I [also] think many women naturally have extraordinary common sense, a sharp intuitive sense and a great focus on people. These are extremely valuable in business and can help to set us apart as leaders.Women-Led Startups Receive Significantly Less Investor FundingAmong the different methods for gathering funds for a startup, pitching to investors is one of the most difficult ones. For firms owned by women, this challenge is even greater. Less than 3 percent of venture capital funded companies have a female CEO, according to a 2 014 Babson College study. According to CEO and founder of Full Circle CRM, Bonnie Crater, there is a tendency among venture capitalists to support their own tribe. This means a venture capitalist from Harvard will support a business run by a Harvard alumnus. This may apply to women as well, but there are only a handful of venture capital firms with women partners. Instead, Crater suggests offsetting this tendency through a great team and a solid business plan. Emotions and Nurturing Skills will Affect Women’s BusinessesWhere forced traits of men are not a guarantee for success, stereotypical feminine traits should not be allowed to stand in the way of getting things done. The naturally nurturing and emotional nature of women can be a hindrance to the running of a business. Delia Passi, CEO of WomenCertified, feels that where men may remain fixated only on the bottom line, women can become emotionally connected which may hold them back from making tough decisions such as being quic k to fire or making similar dramatic business changes. Women tend to pay more attention to building relationships and these professional connections can be very important for success and long-term clients. However, women also need to be direct and stay focused on business goals.Women Often Lack Support of Other Female Business LeadersSarah Bryar, founder of eyewear boutique Rivet Sway, feels that the main challenge for female entrepreneurs is that there aren’t enough of them. This means a lack of women as role models, those who can act as sounding boards or do deals with. All this is needed to create a normal situation for women in leadership positions.Opportunities to lead do exist for women,   Bryar says. We just need to continue to support and promote women in the limelight to encourage others to come along for the ride.Many Women Have to Balance Their Families and Their BusinessesFor all entrepreneurs, work-life balance is a constant issue. But for mothers especially, this is a difficult situation to manage. Both new businesses and families require a lot of attention and care. Hilary Genga says that she has learned not to let shortcomings on either end bother her and to not beat herself up over little things. There are ways to balance both challenges, but there is an existing perception that you would be more successful if there were no kids vying for your attention.Women Entrepreneurs are Afraid of FailureThe fear of failure is cited as a top concern for women who start their own business. This was reported in Babson College’s 2012 Global Entrepreneur Monitor. Delia Passi agrees that though the fear of failure is a very real possibility in any business venture, it need not be taken as a negative. Instead, there should be an effort to work through those moments of self-doubt that plague every business owner at some point.You need to have massive failure to have massive success,   Passi says. You may need 100 nos to get one yes, but that one yes will m ake you more successful tomorrow than you were today.Funding OptionsAccording to authors (A Rising Tide: Financial Strategies for Women-Owned Firms) Susan Coleman and Alicia Robb, women who run businesses may face hurdles that are not encountered by men. One of their findings is that women looking for first-year financing will receive 80 percent less capital than men. Generally, women feel that finding financing is the hardest part of their launch.Resources to UsePersonal Savings The first place people look to fund their business is their own savings. However, women often tend to earn less so have a smaller savings amount to tap.Loans from Banks and Credit Unions This is another main source for funding for women, and women are now less likely to be rejected for these loans. This makes the loan avenue a good one to explore. With a solid business plan, great credit score and credit record the chances of securing a loan are high.Home Equity Credit Lines or Loans Another idea is to u se a home equity loan. It is possible to borrow 75 to 80 percent of the value of the home minus the remaining owed mortgage amount. A credit line will mean money in increments, while a loan will be a lump sum.Relatives and Friends Family members and friends are a good source of funding as this can mean an interest-free or a low interest loan. A legal contract to ensure no issues at a later stage is a good idea when using this mode of funding.Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms In return for equity or fractional ownership, a venture firm will provide financing. These investors are approached often and are very careful with money, making them tough sells when it comes to a business. Very few women rely on this form of financing, however. One reason for this may be that the field of venture financing is dominated by men and it is hard to break into this club.Crowdfunding Many successful products have found their financing via crowdfunding campaigns run through various crowdfun ding platforms. People who believe in the project put in small amounts in return for small rewards and tokens. There are many different types of crowdfunding websites and the right one should be selected based on careful consideration of all rules and regulations.Economic Development Programs With some research this can be a great avenue for funding. Getting certified as a women-owned business can allow access to specific funds designated for women in business.Grant Programs for Women Business grants for for-profit and nonprofit businesses can also be a good source of funds for women starting their own venture. These can be explored on local business association websites as well as government websites.Resources to AvoidThere are also two sources of funds that should be avoided at all costs. These are:Credit Cards The double digit interest rates of most credit cards make them an unfeasible method to fund businesses. It is also very easy to get into credit card trouble.Retirement F unds No matter how exciting or lucrative a business opportunity may appear, it is not worth dipping into any retirement funds. This may lead to owed income taxes and other penalties. Apart from this, your future financial security will be compromised.MentoringMany  women lack strong, positive female mentors and role models. This translates into a lack of proper direction and guidance that can otherwise prove invaluable to a new business owner. To achieve this, women need to attempt to find a few different mentors to help them manage their personal and professional lives effectively.Choosing a mentor is a very important endeavor made difficult by the lack of pool to choose from when it comes to women. However, with the rising tide of female entrepreneurs in the market, this is set to change. A good mentor should be one whose work you admire, who shows strong leadership abilities and is an inspiration to both you and others that she encounters. In addition, she should be able to offe r solutions to and insights into obstacles and opportunities. These women are experts within their fields and can share their experience as well as cheer you on toward your finish line. Five good reasons to have a mentor are:Accountability A good, strong mentor will hold you accountable to ensure that no vital aspects of the business are neglected. She will hold you responsible and answerable for your actions as well as help you set realistic goals and manage time.Defining and Reaching Goals A good mentor will be able to help you not only define what goals are to be achieved, but also help you reach these goals. Goals may be both short-term and long-term.Provide a New Perspective The mentor is close enough to be invested in your decisions but far enough to remain objective in her views, advice and opinions. If there are roadblocks or plateaus in the business, the mentor will be able to bring a fresh pair of eyes to the table to help you see a clearer picture of the future of the company.Sounding Board A mentor becomes a trustworthy confidant with whom to discuss problems and find solutions. The mentor becomes a brainstorming partner.Advisor With a wealth of experience, the mentor can help grow the business through various situations and challenges. A veteran can help come up with new ideas when a mental block is reached or help you make key business decisions.BUSINESS IDEAS FOR WOMENWomen can set out and make any sort of business idea a success if they move ahead with proper planning, dedication and perseverance. Some ideas to get started are listed below:Baby ProductsThis is a rising industry, especially through online sales. The online aspect can help keep costs low by eliminating the need for a brick and mortar establishment. This market is predicted to see a 5.4 percent growth from 2012 to 2016. Experienced mothers or not, the right research can help design the perfect product, from eco-friendly products to organic baby food or unique clothing and acc essories.Blog/Website/CommunityBlogging is picking up as a profitable line of work with the increasing popularity of social media. If you are a parent, a parenting blog that discusses key issues with raising children in today’s society could be the right idea for you. Apart from this, there are millions of topics the blog can be centered around. The idea is to pick what you are an expert in or have a passion for.TutoringThis flexible business opportunity can be a good idea for those parents who want to balance their home life with a small side business. Key traits required are patience and an interest in the success and failure of others. Tutoring sessions can also be offered online via Skype.Event PlanningIf you are creative, organized and a people person, then this may be the best business for you. This business can be started small by first working for friends and family, moving on to referrals and then eventually growing the business further.Coaching ServicesIf you have the ri ght training and like to help people, a career as a coach may be the right one. Depending on your area of interest, you could become a life coach, a health coach, a career guide or many others. Great communication skills and a compassionate listening ear are important traits for this job.Business ConsultingWith extensive experience in a particular industry, a business consulting gig may be a great one for you. A consultant solves issues, identifies problems before they escalate and provides advice for decision-making.IT ConsultingIT consulting is now relevant to almost any type of business out there. Everyone needs IT support at some point in time, but not everyone is keen to hire a big budget firm for this help. A tech background is obviously key here, and a small trouble-shooting and support business can be started from home. Apart from this, a consultant could help businesses transition new software or hardware into everyday operations.Build AppsA very small percentage of app dev elopers happen to be women. This does not mean that women should stay away from this line of work. Instead, apps can be developed on contract for others, or on an independent basis and then sold to others.Color ExpertMost women have a great eye for color. Add this to working knowledge of color psychology and a business idea is born. Businesses with branding needs, architects and interior decorators are a good place to start finding clients.Editorial ServicesWith an interest in reading and writing and skills in editing, a home-based editorial job can be the right place for you. Work could include copywriting, web content generation and writing for magazines and other media outlets. Editing work can include books, websites, periodicals and more. SUCCESSFUL WOMEN-RUN BUSINESSESA nonprofit membership group, Women President’s Organization, released a list of the 50 fastest growing women-owned companies in the United States. These businesses made a total of $3.2 billion in revenues in 2 012, with an average of 612 employees each.Women are growing very substantial businesses, and not in the traditional areas that youd expect women to be in,   says Marsha Firestone, president and founder of WPO, citing a concentration of manufacturing, staffing and consulting businesses on the list. Women dont just bake cookies and make crafts. Theyre starting businesses that can be scaled.Shazi Visram â€" Happy Family (New York, NY)This company makes organic packaged meals and snacks for a range of ages. The company was launched in 2006 and generated $63 million in revenue in 2012.Kathy Mills, Strategic Communications (Louisville, KY)This company provides communication and IT services to clients that include businesses and government agencies. The company reported gross revenues of $42 million in 2012, which was an 80 percent growth in revenues since 2010.Shelly Sun, BrightStar Franchising LLC (Gurnee, IL)This company is a health-care staffing franchisor, created in 2002. It has off ices in 250 locations around the US and reported $212 million in gross revenues from 2012-2013.Tiffany Crenshaw, Intellect Resources (Greensboro, NC)This company provides consulting, recruiting and hiring solutions to businesses in the healthcare IT market. Gross revenues grew from $1.5 million in 2010 to $30 million in 2012.June Ressler, Cenergy International Services LLC (Houston, TX)This company provides workforce solutions to clients in oil and gas. Services include consulting and logistics management. Begun in 1996, the company reported gross revenues of $250 million in 2012.Sue Bhatia, Rose International Inc. (Chesterfield, MO)This company provides IT professional services and consulting services. It was started in 1993 and gross revenues rose 50 percent from 2010 to 2012 to $360 million.Kathleen Croddick, Suite K (South Brunswick, NJ)This company manufactures beauty products such as fragrances, creams and lotions. Revenue grew 150 percent to $13 million from 2010 to 2012.Lani Hay, Lanmark Technology (Vienna, VA)This company provides professional services such as IT and admin support. Clients include those in the government as well as commercial sectors. In 2012, gross revenue was reported as $35 million.Ranjini Poddar, Artech Information Systems LLC (Cedar Knolls, NJ)This is the largest IT staffing company in the United States that is owned by a woman. Gross revenues were nearly $350 million in the 2012-2013 period.

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Prostitution Of El Paso Research Paper - 1533 Words

Prostitution in El Paso Research Paper As the arrival of the railroad in 1881 made its final stop in El Paso, Texas, the population of the city boomed with people from different places and with different intentions. A particular group of women came to the city to jumpstart a prostitution business to service the needs of the men that came with the arrival of the railroad and in return, the women would get money. Although Prostitution being the oldest profession, Madams Etta Clark and Alice Abbott had an impact on the profession, specifically as it proteins to the City of El Paso. The fierce business instinct that they both possessed, made them fierce, be loved, and respected at the same time. Prostitution is the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for some sort of payment. In depth, there are four types in which adultery can fall under. For example, the most recognized one being street prostitution which involves in sexual activity in exchange for money but it being out on the streets. The arrest for this illegal action tend to happen most in isolated areas. For example, the â€Å"Tenderloin District† which included East Overland, Oregon, Third and Utah Streets. Escort or â€Å"call-out† prostitution is a sex worker who does not necessarily go out in public to display she/his line of work. Brothels are places where men go and pay for â€Å"call-out† prostitutes. Lastly, the prostitution of children which was brought into alertness by Operation Stormy Nights,Show MoreRelated Legalize Prostitution Essay2912 Words   |  12 Pagesthe worlds oldest profession, prostitution, there is no denying that the sex industry has taken international dimensions and is recognized as an economic motor for many countries. As countries around the world debate the merits of legalizing or at least decriminalizing prostitution. The following questions should be addressed. Would legalization reduce some of the inequalities and abuse suffered by the women involved? On the other hand, by legitimizing prostitution, would society reverse decadesRead MoreTaking a Look at Sex Trafficking1704 Words   |  7 Pages transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services through use of force, fraud or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.†(Raymond, Hughes Gomez, 2001) For this paper I decided to focus on the scope of the sex industry, the victims of the industry and what some hopeful solutions to the problems caused by the sex trade might be. International and United States Sex trafficking. Internationally it is estimated thatRead MoreMexican Cartels1869 Words   |  8 PagesLIB-495-GS001 December 5, 2014 Abstract This research paper examines the impact of Mexican drug cartels in the United States. Most Americans are not aware of how far reaching these cartels are in the United States. Their power has an influence in our government and communities. This project examines who the Mexican Drug cartels are, what their purpose is, where they have influences, and when did they start to become a problem for the United States. This paper also touches base on the impact of the drugsRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Human Sex Trafficking1850 Words   |  8 Pages(â€Å"What Is Human Trafficking?†). In this research paper the reader will experience the savagery that comes with human sex trafficking and how it has expanded in the United States over recent years. Within this research paper the discussion of different age groups and genders of human sex trafficking will appear, it will also depict the state of California and why it is ranked as the number one state with the most sex trafficking. And l astly, this research paper will explain how a victim of human sexRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesFoundations of Organization Structure 479 v vi BRIEF CONTENTS 4 The Organization System 16 Organizational Culture 511 17 Human Resource Policies and Practices 543 18 Organizational Change and Stress Management 577 Appendix A Research in Organizational Behavior Comprehensive Cases Indexes Glindex 637 663 616 623 Contents Preface xxii 1 1 Introduction What Is Organizational Behavior? 3 The Importance of Interpersonal Skills 4 What Managers Do 5 Management

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What Was Known About The Site Before Its Discovery

†¢ What was known about the site before its discovery? Before the first known recording of Ur by Pietro Della Valle in 1625, there wasn’t much known about the site. It wasn’t until the early 1850’s that it was officially identified as the site of Ur which was due to the discovery of the Ziggurat of Ur by John George Taylor . The remains of the Ziggurat were first described by William Kennett Loftus, a Geologist and archaeologist from Newcastle, in the early 19th century. †¢ How it was discovered and who discovered or rediscovered it. The site of Ur was first recorded in 1625 by Pietro Della Valle . Valle recorded the existence of ancient bricks appearing to be stamped with ancient inscriptions on black marbles thought to be seals. In 1853 until 1854, Ur was first excavated for the first by John George Taylor, as British Consulate who worked on behalf of the British Museum. Taylor conducted this excavation due to orders from the Foreign Office. Taylor’s excavation discovered the remains of the Ziggurat of Ur which was then covered by sand at the time. It was due to Taylor’s discovery of the Ziggurat of Ur that led to the identification of Ur, although remaining parts of the city were still hidden by sand at the time. The official excavation of the City did not begin until 1918 after World War I under the guidance of Reginald C. Thompson along with H.R.H.Hall. This excavation was funded by the British Museum. Excavation ceased a year later in 1919. Excavation later resumed inShow MoreRelatedEssay about Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer1702 Words   |  7 Pagesgods going directly onto the battlefield to help turn the tide in a battle. The grandeur of these events are indicative of fictional superhero stories rather than fact. However, if you compare the events depicted in the Iliad to historical facts known from Ancient Greece and current scientific evidence, Homer’s Iliad may have a basis in actual history. Homer’s description of the geography of Ancient Greece, his depiction of godly interference, his depiction of war, and the use of technology canRead MoreThe Deep Sea Drilling Project1561 Words   |  7 PagesSea Drilling Project (also known as DSDP) was the first of three international scientific ocean drilling programs that have operated for forty or more years that was designed to investigate the evolution of ocean basins by core drilling ocean sediments and the underlying oceanic crust. On June 24th, 1966, a Prime Contract was signed between the National Science Foundation (also known as NSF) and The Regents at The University of California was signed, this contract was the first phase in the DeepRead MoreThe Omo Site Of Ethiopia, Africa961 Words   |  4 PagesIn this research paper we will be discussing the Omo site in Ethiopia, Africa. Some key points that will be discussed will be its original discovery in 1967, it’s addition research that was completed in 2005, Omo I and II’s updated age (McDougall et al., 2005), and the scientific importance of the discoveries from this site and what it means for idea of the first appearance of the modern human (Fleagle et al., 2008). In 1967 in the Lower Omo Valley near Kibish, Ethiopia along the Omo river, a teamRead MoreControversial Issues in Archaelogy1011 Words   |  4 PagesWhile the field of archaeology is exciting, and the idea of partaking in perilous adventures may seem alluring, the archaeologist was depicted in an incorrect manner. An archaeologist is someone who studies human history through the excavation of sites and the examination of artifacts. Archaeologists study the past to learn more about the lives and cultures of people before. The science of archaeology is a relatively new and quickly growing field; yet, as expected with science, numerous ethical andRead MoreBlack Hills Expedition Of 1874 Essay716 Words   |  3 PagesHills? Many places not only in South Dakota, but around the world are affected by the events of Custer and his company. George Armstrong Custer became well known because of his 1874 expedition, when he discovered gold. The discovery of gold in the Black Hills affected the United States and the world for over the next 100 years after his discovery. Homestake Mine in Lead, South Dakota mined 43.9 million ounces of gold and 9.78 million ounces of silver that has been used throughout the world (HomestakeRead MoreRevolutionary Germ Theory: The Great Minds Responsible Essay1506 Words   |  7 Pagesdisease was a huge wake up call for most people. Germ theory was quite possibly the most important part of the revolution of medicine. It informed the people of the existence of germs and the importance of hygiene. There were many revolutions in history. Most were bloody, but the outcome of this revolution was eternal and the stepping-stone of medicine and surgery. Robert Koch, Louis Pasteur, and Jos eph Lister contributed to the ever-changing germ theory that started many profound discoveries and understandingsRead MoreThe Discovery Of Gold And The Powder River1228 Words   |  5 PagesWith the discovery of gold in the Powder River in the Sumpter Valley, prospectors from all around began their journey into the valley to see if they could make a profit. In 1935, the construction of the Sumpter Valley Dredge was underway, and one of the last gold dredges manufactured to work the river until it’s decommissioning nearly twenty years later. Sticking out from the dredge’s structure is 72 enormous one-ton buckets carrying loose rock back into the interior of the dredge. The SumpterRead MoreArchitects Checklist For Rehabilitating Historic Structures1433 Words   |  6 Pagesare what historical documents are available from the building, such as architectural or engineering drawings of the building or local documents or if the structure presents any bad architectural is sues such as poor design. In Oklahoma in the early May of 1863, a small clash between Confederate and Union forces broke out during the Civil War. Though the first skirmish was small, it led to the precursor of a larger battle that took place nearly three months later on July 1, 1863, later known as theRead MoreThe Human Species1182 Words   |  5 PagesHuman Species was not the only dominant one. Imagine the practice of co-dominance with a similar species. This comparable Species is often referred to as the â€Å"Neanderthal† but is in fact properly named the Neanderthalensis. They were intelligent beings with culture and basic technologies of their time. Contrary to the way that they are portrayed today they were arguably intelligent. The Neanderthals went extinct 20,000 to 30,000 years ago. Although there are still some debates about who these peopleRead MoreNational Park : An Historical Point Of Interest For The Guringai And Darug Nations993 Words   |  4 PagesBerowra Valley National Park: An Historical Point of Interest for the Guringai and Darug Nations. Myself in front of one of the many known rock engraving sites within the Berowra Valley National Park. March 16, 2016. Community Profile Berowra Valley National Park is a particularly important place of historical significance to Berowra’s indigenous and non-indigenous communities. The traditional owners of the land of the Berowra area are the Guringai and Darug people. (Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Unit 64 Free Essays

Beth Mcpherson Unit 064 Context and Principles for Early Years Provisions. 064. 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Unit 64 or any similar topic only for you Order Now 1 The 4 different principles that the EYFS covers are a unique child, positive relationships, enabling environments and learning development. Every child is a unique child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. Practitioners understand and observe each child’s development and learning, assess progress and plans for next steps. They support babies and children to develop a positive sense of their own identity and culture also identify any need for additional support. The practitioner will keep the children safe and value and respect all children and families equally. Children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships. Positive relationships are warm and loving, and foster a sense of belonging, sensitive and responsive to the children’s needs and families. Supportive of the children’s own efforts and independence and also consistent in setting clear boundaries. Stimulating the child and built on key persons relationships in the early year’s settings. Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents and carers. Enabling environments means valuing all people and value learning they offer stimulating resources, relevant to all the children’s cultures and communities. Rich learning opportunities through play and playful teaching and support for children to take risks and explore. 064. 1. 2 064. 1. 3 064. 3. 1 064. 3. 2 064. 3. 3 064. 3. 4 How to cite Unit 64, Essay examples

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Cultural Displacement In Canadian LiteratureRohinton Mistry S free essay sample

Squatter Essay, Research Paper Rohinton Mistry is known as a post-colonial author. His Hagiographas reflect the Indian diaspora # 8211 ; the splitting of individuality. On the one manus, his characters dream of being integrated into, and accepted by, Canadian society. On the other manus, these same characters are lacerate my an insatiate desire to be true to their native civilization, to honor and care for their ain, distinguishable cultural individuality. This is the subject of Squatter. Rohinton Mistry uses sarcasm and symbolic imagination to try to convert his readers harm, he feels, that can come of hybridisation. His short narratives are really superimposed, showing the reader with many images stand foring the duality of the Indian versus the Canadian ( Western ) civilization. At the beginning of the narrative, Nariman s character is depicted as 1 who has been greatly influenced by the Western civilization and stuff goods ( 1932 Mercedes-Benz, which he called the apple of his oculus, whistling of an English vocal, Clark Gable moustache # 8211 ; page728 ) . Ironically, he presents his hearers with two really distinguishable narratives: one stand foring the demand to remain strong and resist conformation, and the 2nd, the narrative of Sarosh and the disaffection that ( can ) come out of integrating with the Canadian civilization. When depicting the compound in which the Parsi sub-culture lives, Mistry presents the reader with an image of a dreary topographic point, a topographic point with blocks, which compels me to visualize the composite as a sort-of prison, with cell blocks and an Fe gate where the watcher stood ( 730 ) . The fact that Mistry integrates words from his native linguistic communication within the English text farther illustrates the demand of a post-colonial author to subtly defy the expected conformation to the linguistic communication of the maestro ( Shakespeare s Caliban illustration ) in order to be canonized into the kingdom of Canadian literature. In his first narrative, Nariman tells of Savukshaw, the greatest of them all ( 728 ) , and his game of Cricket against the English. This narrative outlines the changeless battle between civilizations and races and one civilization s desire to endeavor to stay ( and to be seen as an ) person and strong. Examples included on page 731 # 8211 ; English had to maintain reproducing balls in order to replace those destroyed by Savukshaw s strength ( symbol of will ) ; a saddhu gave him the secret to do his chiropteran strong plenty to keep up against strain and force per unit area ( strength of chiropteran used to strike back against subjugation by imperialism ) ; Savukshaw s advice about pattern, tonss of pattern represents the changeless finding needed to stay loyal and true to oneself, and to win back lost individualism. The 2nd narrative is perfectly filled with satirical imagination. The hearers are introduced to Sarosh, a friend of Nariman and the topic of the narrative. Upon geting at the determination to emigrate to Canada, Sarosh makes a promise to his female parent that if he is unsuccessful in going wholly integrated into the Canadian civilization by 10 old ages, he will come back to India. The one usage that Sarosh can non look to get the hang is that of being able to utilize the bathroom by sitting down on the lavatory place ; unless he can get the hang this undertaking, how could he claim version with any honestness if the acceptable katharsis continually failed to favor him? ( 733 ) . While we may see the ability to utilize a lavatory decently as being related to Canadian individuality pathetic, it is a really deep and superimposed illustration which justifies the character s concluding. As Canadians, we pride ourselves on bing a Mosaic civilization, but we are non so unfastened to different ways and imposts ( a foreign presence in the stall, non make ing things in the conventional manner ( leads to ) the presence of xenophobia and ill will p.735 ) . Further, Canadians do non travel out of their manner to understand the imposts and jobs of others, as the supervisor illustrates on page 735 when he sends Sarosh off to cover with his job alternatively of seeking to assist ( No job. Just reach your Immigration Aid Society ) . Another satirical image used to stand for the Canadian civilization was the ability to consume Wonder Bread because it is a Canadian staff of life which all happy households eat to be happy in the same manner ; the unhappy households are unhappy in their ain manner by eating other trade names ( 736 ) . The staff of life represents the civilization itself # 8211 ; the implicit in belief of Canadian civilization is that unless you can plunge and incorporate yourself wholly and perfectly into the civilization ( with no hints of other trade names ) so you have been enlightened, and to be enlightened is to be genuinely happy. Dr. No-Ilaaz had a different thought. He was known to bit by bit present little sums of things which people could non absorb so as to construct up an unsusceptibility to the harmful effects # 8211 ; at least that is what we are led to believe at first ( 736 # 8211 ; Coke illustration ) . When Sarosh went to him for aid with his unique job, Dr. No-Ilaaz presented Sarosh with a solution to his job. He proposed a appliance called Crappus Non Interruptus, which worked, with the usage of a remote-control, like a garage-door opener # 8211 ; a solution so far-fetched and pathetic that it forces him ( and the reader ) to believe that it should non be necessary to travel to such lengths to conform to another civilization, and that you should endeavor to continue your ain individuality. In showing this quandary for the reader to chew over, you come to the realisation that if you make great forfeits to conform to another civilization, so you are losing a portion of yourself in order to go more like the Other. This construct can be related to Blake s provinces of artlessness and experience ; one time you let the experience of the maestro civilization return over, so the artlessness and pureness of your original individuality will be lost everlastingly, as you will neer be able to return back to the guiltless province # 8211 ; one time exposed to see, you are everlastingly experienced. Dr. No farther explains the construct of hybridity ; he relays the inquiry that if more people conform to the maestro civilization, so it could do jobs. When he states you could be sharing the codification with others. Then the hazard of accidents becomes greater ( 738 ) he is mentioning to the fact that as more and more people are hybridized, the pureness of the native civilization is dead and gone, everlastingly. Upon make up ones minding non to take advantage of the intervention, Sarosh resigns himself to the sentiment that he will neer be genuinely Canadian and makes the determination to return place to India. Finally, when on the plane, Sarosh achieves success on the lavatory and eventually considers himself Canadian. Too late to acquire off of the plane, he comforts himself with the fact that he has, in fact, achieved his end. What he discovers upon his reaching place is that Dr. No-Ilaaz was right # 8211 ; one time Sarosh crossed over into the kingdom of Canadian-ism, he could no longer be considered Parsi. Everything in India became foreign to him, as the European influence changed the manner he perceived things. The terminal consequence was entire supplanting from both civilizations in which he so wanted to be a portion and remain a portion of. Sarosh subsequently relates this narrative to his friend Nariman, saying that for some ( integrating ) was good and for some it was bad, but for me life in the land of milk and honey was merely a hurting in the buttocks # 8221 ; .